Stead is a project that explores concepts of property, home ownership, and the intersection of the built and natural environments. I first created a lawn in the only space available, the back of my truck, then decked it out with recycled furniture, cold frames, and other icons of home and homelessness. After offering it for rent on Craigslist, designing a flag logo, and creating a Google map of its travels, I decked out the back with various accoutrements of home (or homelessness). I then staged a series of guerilla occupations in the driveways of luxurious mansions. I call this act of trespass Stead: American Dream.

  • Type Installation

Nomadic Garden, 2012.

Nomad Garden, Night. 2012.

Territory, 2011.

Stead, American Dream. 2011.

Stead (Home Alone House), 2012.

Stead (Kincaid House), 2012.

Territory, Craigslist. 2011.

Stead (Alley Furniture), 2011.

Territory, Digital Divide, 2011.